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Frankly I've been hearing a lot of hypocritical bull shit.

I'll give you a generalised being from what I've seen/read/whatever (and you might learn some psychology from this also);

There's this guy, let's call him Terry- ok? This isn't someone I know, this isn't anyone you'll know, this is just a made up person called Terry who carries all of the opinions of all the people I'm talking/will talk about later on.

Now Terry likes Rock, Metal, Alternative, Screamo- all of that side of the genre. And in his life time he has either seen/experienced a lot of teasing for liking Rock and wearing black. So he's moderately angsty. These people usually like the other side- Pop, R and B, Rap, Hip Hop etc etc. He doesn't like those people, he won't listen to that 'crappy music'. He's heard of Sophie Lancaster (a young british woman who both she and her boyfriend were attacked for being goths- she died, her boyfriend lived), he has heard people calling his taste in music 'shit' etc.

So he associates those who don't like his taste of music to bad people or the bad people who hurt/bullied/killed people like him (or in Psychology terms that the outgroup is associated with negativeity for the ingroup).

Anyway so Terry finds out that one of his bestest friends likes Rihanna. So he thinks/writes on his tumblr/writes on his twitter/writes on his face book or otherwise vocalises that his friends music taste is shit. OR that he actively laughs and mocks his friend's choices AND he has already stereotyped people for liking Rihanna or other music like that.

Do you see the hypocrisy?

Well there is this theory called 'Social Identity Theory' (Tajfel 1970) that BASICALLY sums up how stereotyping/labelling etc occurs. There are three processes;

1.Social Categorisation- this is the act of actually putting someone into a group- for example; Terry wears black he must be an Emo, Geraldine likes Marilyn Manson she must be a Goth, Robert has a Nike bag he must be a Chav etc etc etc. This triggers stereotypical beliefs, like Robert likes Rizzle Kicks (a british rap/hip hop duo) so he must be just a stupid chav. You have put Robert into the out group so therefore the out group is stupid and horrible but however you and your friends (if you're Terry and like Rock- Terry likes you) like Bullet For My Valentine and wears Conversers so you feel that you're better, more justified etc and you have made yourself an in group.
2.Social Identification- as a member of your in group- you will, well not do as they do unless you are a sheep, but you'll customise yourself to fit in. So if you're in Terry's circle of friends- all of his friends wear Conversers, skinny jeans and Band T-shirts and they like bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Slipknot, BMTH etc etc. This group is now part of your identity. You're friends, in other words, are part of what makes you- you.
3.Social Comparison- now this is what I'm talking about. People saying that people who don't have the same taste of music are stupid and have shit taste. People not wanting to be associated with people just because of what they wear etc. This is ALSO basically the level where Discrimination, Racism, Homophobia and Sexism comes along. You judge someone on their music taste is on the SAME LEVEL as someone being Racist. It's true. This is PREJUDICE.
Terry is just as much of an arse hole for laughing at Robert as much as Tina laughs at Macie who dresses as a boy because she feels more comfortable being a boy. Tina is transphobic.

Basically- ALL I've seen is 'Oh my god, my best friend has the shittest music taste' and those same people are probably anti-homophobic or whatever. Makes you feel good to know you're on the same playing ground as those ideas you hate- doesn't it?

I wish people could realise what they're doing and saying.

The MCRmy are actually the WORST culprits of this; 'MCR saved my life, stay beautiful, keep it ugly! Bullying is WRONG! But ughhhh Justin Beiber fans are STUPID! Ugh Justin Beiber is such a fag! Ugh he sounds like a GIRL! Ugh he's not even good LOOKING!'

Hypocrisy in the FLESH.

I'm trying to educate you all here. I say this because I've had a friend who said they're disappointed in me for liking Nicki Minaj.

Let me tell you a little few things about myself:

I am sixteen years old and I take Psychology as an A-Level (if you haven't guessed) as well as Art.

Music I like; MCR, William Control, Aiden, Depeche Mode, Placebo, MSI, Nick Cave, Nirvana, Green Day, Klaus Nomi, Pogo, Linkin Park, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Rizzle Kicks, Olly Murs, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Lady Ga Ga, Rihanna's ok I guess…

I often wear comfortable, dark (often blacks) clothing- Jeans or Dresses or Skirts, I wear what I like.

I bet you thought that didn't fit, my music taste. I deliberately seperated the groups of music to stick it out.

I like MUSIC. I can LIKE WHAT I WANT. Just because I don't put myself into a group does NOT mean I am forced to listen to what the in group listens to. I hang out with Anime fans but I myself do not watch Anime. I don't go telling them that they're stupid either.

People, whether you bully someone for their music taste or their clothes or you bully someone because they're gay or wear 'the wrong clothes befitted to their gender'. Bullying someone for their choices (well Bullying in GENERAL basically classes you as a little shit) is WRONG.

What does it take for people to SEE THIS?

Music was not made to be classed, it is an art- it wasn't made for YOU, no matter how much they say it was, it was made because they had the creative urge to make a song and make it sound how they wanted it to. Whether they wanted it dark and gritty like William Control or with a big beat and kinetic movement like David Guetta. Those two people are no different from each other! They are MUSICIANS.

Music shouldn't be something people bully anyone for, let alone the colour of your skin, the clothes you wear, the gender you prefer, your size, your disability- whatEVER.

I've been shoved around in the school toilets for possesing an MCR bag, I've been called lots of names, I've been teased for being short, I've been laughed at for my music taste and clothes. I've been hassled. I know this guy who's bullied just because he has autism. It is the SAME; some arsehole decided to look at the outgroup we belong to and stoop to prejudice and pick on us. (I am not saying that I had it as bad as my friend does, at all- but it is NOT RIGHT.)

Bullying is WRONG and it should STOP.

It starts with you, really. Just realise that people are good on the inside, regardless of skin size, sexuality, gender, size- whatEVER.

I will defend any one of you to the death, whether you like Rap or Rock, if anyone hassles you. Honestly. I am NOT kidding. Bullying isn't right but yet EVERYONE does it, or at leasts start some teasing bullshit like that.

Just REALISE this.
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TheMisfitKiddo Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2012
You are one of the few sane people who see sense..Thank you.
Ragged-Blackbird Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2012
Hit it on the head girl, right there.
Surely difference between people should be a good thing, otherwise we'd all be clones and no one would be happy with their lot because its part of human nature to want to be both the same, but most definatly DIFFERENT.
All you bullies out there, get over it! If you find someone you don't like, just shug and admit that everyone is different , and different, be it good or bad in your opinion, is what makes people people and hurting them is just going to make things worse, for you and them.
Thats how it goes bros.

When life goives you emons, say `Fuck you` and make lemonade.
Chris-Tedlock Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012
You are so fucking awesome to be so smart about all of this at your age. This kind of abuse has been going on since the dawn of
mankind. The abusers are the ones I feel sorry for. To be so shallow and ineffectual in their own lives that the have to torment others to make themselves feel good about them selves. I too have felt the brunt of abuse as a child and still donto this day. It never goes away even when you become an adult. Some people never mature beyond a certain age level and that is how they act out until they die. The best thing for everyone is to band together and stand up against these people and try to make them understand that what they are doing is wrong and that they need to change the way they interact with people who are different than them.

Love you big time for making this statement sweetie.
Cunnawabum Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Student General Artist
Thankyou >///<

It's just... It's not right to hurt people and some responses when I posted this on blogs elsewhere were ridiculous stating that other people started it- it's just not right.
World Peace is an easy thing to obtain- all we have to do is just stick together and not hate each other, it's not fair..

<///< thankyou darling.
Chris-Tedlock Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012
You are so right about everything.

Sorry about all the typos! LOL I was using my cell phone.

Cunnawabum Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012  Student General Artist
Oh my thanks I guess :#

it's ok! I'm not bothered :>
puppehgal Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist

I've gotten a lot of flak for having similar tastes, but moved on long ago. Hell, MCR may be my favorite band, but I'll listen to just about anything.

ForsakenZombie Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011  Student General Artist
I can't really think of anything else to say but "amen"... :'D
This makes so much sense; I used to - and probably still do sometimes - the hypocrisy thing when it comes to music. I hope I don't do it as much now, since I have a more... musically diverse? group of friends. One likes Katy Perry, one likes Pixie Lott, one likes Asking Alexandria :shrug: So it's kind of made me stop judging and listen to other things that are normally considered "bad music" for someone like me.
Basically; I really agree with you, and thank you for- I don't know, putting it out there? Making people open their eyes a bit more. I doubt many people would be willing to voice their opinions as strongly as you do.

I want to take psychology now :')
taywill95 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011  Student General Artist
I need a freaking like button... I'm the same way with my music. It's all jumbled yet somehow it flows beautifully. I love when the rock artists cover pop songs because it combines the two. I signed up for psychology.. I have nothing against Justin Bieber... I just don't listen to him.. But I don't hate anyone. Not a genre or anything. I'll listen to whatever's playing. Yeah, I prefer rock over everything else but I'm not gonna be upset if anyone else wants to listen to something else... I actually had a conversation about the my chem/ bvb fans hating each other and I'm like "Switzerland!" Guys, chill.... I'll have to find that and screenshot it or something....
captianjakmoose Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011  Student Writer
Why are you so damn awesome? Btw, outside most i know im a huge fan of sinatra and the ink spots. I dont like country, but my father likes it and hes the greatest man ive ever known.

(Your 16? I dont mind, but you act much more mature than i remember people being when i was 16)
Cunnawabum Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011  Student General Artist
Sinatra was known to be perhaps the greatest, /shrugs.
That's great that you look at your dad like that rather than some horrible stereotype people make up :>

(oh my, thankyou :#)
captianjakmoose Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011  Student Writer
He's popular, but i only know one other frank fan
Cosi-chan22 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I see where you're coming from..

I was crushed when people were bashing Paramore just because they were up against MCR in a popularity vote.
Cunnawabum Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011  Student General Artist
That's good I guess :>

It's really not nice or very civilised if you just end up doing something like that.
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